Monkeypox spread in 25 countries!

Monkeypox spread in 25 countries

Monkeypox has spread to 25 countries around the world. So far more than 300 patients have been identified and identified as suspects. Most of the identities are from Europe. Monkeypox is a endemic disease in West and Central African countries. The disease is now being detected outside of Africa. So the concern about the disease is growing. News Reuters.

Infection with the virus is common in Africa. But outside Africa, the virus was first identified in Europe last March. Monkeypox patients have a lower risk of becoming seriously ill. Most patients recover within three to four weeks. Monkeypox can spread to humans through infected animals. The virus spreads from person to person, but it is rare.


Monkeypox is associated with smallpox. Early symptoms include high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and smallpox-like rash. No specific treatment for monkeypox has been discovered, but research has shown that vaccines used to prevent smallpox are about 75 percent effective in preventing monkeypox.

At present monkeypox is more prevalent in Portugal, a European country. The country’s health authorities confirmed on Wednesday that 19 more people had been diagnosed with the virus. The total number of monkeypox patients in the country is 119. Authorities say mild infections have been reported in every patient identified. The victims were all men and under 40 years of age. Spain and the United Kingdom are also on the list of countries where monkeypox is most recognized outside of Africa. The disease was diagnosed in 12 new cases in Spain on Monday. The total number of identified patients in the country is 132.