Moscow is expanding the war zone

Russia has announced an increase in the area of ​​military operations in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the “special military operation” that Moscow is conducting in Ukraine is changing its geographical purpose. Moscow is no longer limiting its targets to the eastern Donbass region, but plans to include several other regions of Ukraine. Al-Jazeera news
Russia’s state media RIA Novosti quoted Lavrov as saying Moscow is now planning to annex Kherson, Zaporizhia, and other regions in southern Ukraine. Lavrov said that if Kiev’s Western allies continue to supply them with long-range missiles, Moscow will expand its targets.
When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, President Vladimir Putin said they had no intention of annexing Ukrainian territory. Their special military operation in Ukraine is mainly to disarm and de-Nazi the country. Moscow announced the end of the first phase of the military operation on March 25 after a major setback in the occupation of Kiev. Then it is said to achieve the goal of liberating Eastern Donbass. Four months later, Moscow claimed the occupation of Luhansk. Luhansk is one of the two important regions of the Donbass. Russian troops continue to try to occupy another region, Donetsk.

According to news agency AFP, Russian troops have intensified attacks in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that only if the West lifts sanctions on Russia, Moscow will facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea.

Last Tuesday, Russian troops attacked the city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine.

Yesterday, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are scheduled to meet again in Istanbul regarding the grain export agreement. Representatives of Turkey and the United Nations are also present in this meeting. An agreement is expected from this meeting.

Meanwhile, Kiev alleged that Russia fired seven cruise missiles at the Odessa area on the Black Sea coast.