Moscow says Ukrainian contenders to stand preliminary before conceivable trade

Moscow said Wednesday it would be “untimely” to consider a detainee trade with Kyiv before Ukrainian warriors who gave up to Russian soldiers stand preliminary.

Delegate unfamiliar clergyman Andrei Rudenko said Moscow would consider a detainee trade with Kyiv after the gave up Ukrainian warriors “are fittingly indicted, condemned”.

“Before that, all discussion of a trade is untimely,” Rudenko told columnists as cited by Russian news organizations.

Last week, many Ukrainian protectors of the essential port city of Mariupol in the nation’s southeast given up subsequent to holding out at the city’s Azovstal steelworks for quite a long time.
Among the Ukrainian contenders who surrendered themselves were individuals from the Azov regiment, a previous paramilitary unit which has incorporated into the Ukrainian military.

Russia depicts the unit, which has had past connects to extreme right gatherings, as a neo-Nazi association.

On Monday, a Kyiv court viewed Russian serviceman Vadim Shishimarin to be blameworthy of war violations for killing an unarmed non military personnel and condemned him to life in jail.