Musician Ayushmann Khurrana gave a message

Musician Ayushmann Khurrana gave a message

Musician Ayushmann Khurrana gave a message

Ayushmann Khurrana is a popular actor and musician in the Bollywood industry.

He started his career by presenting on television in 2012.

After that Vicky Donner stepped on the big screen through the movie.

Recently this hero gave such a message while traveling in a plane that everyone heard it.

More or less suffering from cold, fever, cough, cold during this time of monsoon.

  • The infection spreads from person to person.
  • Life in Mumbai is very disturbed due to this problem.
  • It was at this time that the Balinese actor expressed concern about his health while flying in a plane.
  • He also told some tricks to solve the problem.
  • He posted a monochrome photo during a plane ride on Saturday.

In the picture, it can be seen that Ayushman sitting in front of the window is smiling inside the plane

Musician Ayushmann Khurrana gave a message

In the caption of the picture posted, he wrote, inside the plane.

One A, window seat.

Time to be careful.

He also said that the infection of common cold has increased.

To keep yourself healthy at this time, drop 3 pepper in a glass of hot water.

It solves the problem of cold, fever, cough, cold.

Apart from this herbal trick, the actor also said to wear black or red dora on his hands to avoid people’s eyes.

However, his fans are in doubt whether this comment is a joke or really serious.