Nadal holds the record fourteenth French Open title by beating Caspar

Yet again rafael Nadal, the undisputed lord of Ronla Garon, claimed his realm. The Spanish tennis legend has come out on top for a record fourteenth championship in the competition by overcoming Caspar Rudd in the last of the French Open. This is the 22nd Grand Slam of his vocation. Nobody throughout the entire existence of men’s singles has won more Grand Slams than him.

The Norwegian miracle kid Caspar was not found in the dirt court of Ronla Garo today. Nadal won the three-set last 6-3, 6-3, 6-0. The current year’s French Open success was not a simple one for Nadal, who experienced a foot injury seven days before the French Open. Indeed, even the lord of the mud court himself communicated fears prior to confronting Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals.
Nadal, 36, is the most seasoned French Open hero. The Spaniard won the tiebreak after a long distance race battle against Djokovic in the quarterfinals after an extreme battle with Felix-Aliasim. He pulled out from the battle when his rival Zavrev hyper-extended his lower leg in the elimination rounds last Friday. In the wake of getting a walkover, he arrived at the Grand Slam last for the 30th time.

Caspar, playing in the Grand Slam last interestingly, didn’t match Nadal’s involvement with the last. In the wake of losing 6-3 in the initial two sets and 6-0 in the last set, Nadal was really glad to win the French Open for the fourteenth time.