New guidelines for Messi-Neymar

Cash is being spent, however PSG isn’t prevailing in the Champions League. Maybe they fired Pochettino and employed Christophe Gaultier to make that progress. Club proprietors are likewise providing the French mentor with a wide range of opportunity. What’s more, in that he presented new standards for Messi-Neymar powers. Everybody ought to adhere to those guidelines. News Spanish press marker.

PSG players are currently in Japan to plan for pre-season. It was there that Galtier acquainted the colleagues with the new guidelines. The first is to come to rehearse on time. The PSG mentor says everybody should go to preparing somewhere in the range of 8:30am and 9:30am. In the event that you require some investment to go to the preparation, you won’t be permitted to enter the field, you will be sent back from the field. However, on the off chance that there is a valid justification, consent will be given to come even after some time.

Messi at World Cup is no telephone use during feasts. Players can’t utilize telephones while eating and lunch. This is on the grounds that the 55-year-old mentor needs to get back greater solidarity the group.

The third rule is to eat together. By saving time, footballers can invest more energy on private work than training. As per the report, there is a positive response among the players about these new standards. Neymar was likewise certain, regardless of gossipy tidbits about him leaving the club.

As it turns out, PSG have played two matches such a long ways in the pre-season. In the main match, they crushed Quebilia Rowan by 2-0. PSG won 2-1 against Kawasaki in the subsequent match. Every one of the four objectives came from the feet of four unique players. One of which is finished by Lionel Messi.