New York City metro guide attempted James Bond-style gadget to skip $16 Holland Tunnel cost, say Port Authority cops

A NYC Transit metro guide attempted a James Bond-type approach to skirting a $16 cost at the Holland Tunnel on Friday, Port Authority police said.

Sean Seagers, 31, covered the back plate on his white Dodge Durango with an electro-mechanical gadget.

This gadget wasn’t exactly similar to the moving tags Bond’s Aston-Martin conveyed in “Goldfinger,” which Bond’s government operative office associate Q guaranteed him were great in all nations.

Seagers’ gadget wasn’t even sufficient to dodge identification in New Jersey. He was gotten after he passed through a credit only cost path at around 7:25 a.m., the Port Authority said.
An extremely observant Port Authority cop detected the New Jerseyan’s tag gadget and halted his vehicle. Seagers was captured and taken to the Port Authority police Holland Tunnel Command.

The almost nine-year MTA veteran was accused of robbery of administrations, altering freely available reports or data, and ownership of thievery apparatuses.

Seagers’ strategy for keeping electronic cost perusers from it was less difficult: He didn’t have a front plate to distinguish his front plate.
In any case, driving without a front plate is a fineable offense in both New York and New Jersey.

Seagars was suspended from his NYC Transit work forthcoming an examination of the possibly “glaring unfortunate behavior,” MTA Communications Director Tim Minton said in a proclamation.

“Cost avoidance is an infringement of public trust that is considerably more appalling when the individual charged works at an office that utilizes income from costs to pay for travel administration,” Minton said.