Neymar is ready to give winger Rodrigo the number 10 jersey of Brazil

Real Madrid winger Rodrigo is considered to be the next star of Brazil. He is only 21 years old. In the meantime, he has played 5 matches in the jersey of Brazil. Hopefully, this potential star is going to be one of the members of Tito’s World Cup team.

Real Madrid’s farewell almost happened in the return leg of the quarter final of the Champions League. In that match, Rodrigo came down as a substitute and turned the tables.

  • Not only did he score a great goal, he also changed the four pictures of the match and scored a goal with Benzema. As a result, Real played in the semifinals.
  • Neymar wants to give Rodrigo his number 10 jersey in the Brazilian national football team. Rodrigo himself provided this information. According to Rodrigo, Neymar wants Rodrigo to carry his number 10 jersey.

Like Neymar, Rodrigo began his career with Brazilian club Santos. RM star Rodrigo said: “Neymar has told me that I am about to leave the national team. I hope you have the number 10 jersey. ‘

‘I don’t really understand what to say to him in response to that. I was embarrassed and laughed at his words. At that time I did not understand what to say.

I just told him, of course he will play more for the national team. I don’t need this jersey right now. He laughed when he heard me. ‘

The iconic number 10 jersey is worn by Pel,, Zico, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and then Neymar for Brazil.

Neymar, 30, has already scored 64 goals for Brazil. He is just 3 goals behind Pelেলের’s top 6 goals for Brazil. In the meantime, he has said that the Qatar World Cup will be his last World Cup in Brazil’s jersey.

Not only Neymar, many other stars have commented on Rodrigo. Among them is former Real coach Zinedine Zidane. Rodrigo said: “Zidane once said,” I will be the best footballer in the world at some point. Real Madrid’s current coach Ancelotti also said about me. I keep practicing and trying to improve myself. I am very happy. ‘🔱