Nick and Priyanka fight over their newborn daughter

Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra. Hollywood is stepping on Bollywood equally. The heroine was in talks for some time after marrying US pop star Nick Jonas.

Then the child of this actress became the focus of discussion of the fans.

This global star couple has not brought the picture of the newborn face yet.

Aunty Parineeti Chopra gave an account of what it was like to see Jonas,

the only daughter of Nick and Priyanka, Malti Mary Chopra.

A video of Parineeti playing with Malati  recently shared from a fan account.

The actress unanimously handed over the certificate of ‘most beautiful child in the world’ to her sister’s daughter.

In that video on Instagram, Parineeti  heard to say, ‘She is the most beautiful baby in the world. The beginning was a little uneven. But now he is healthy.

Very nice baby. I don’t want to say too much about him. But she is my little cute love. ‘

Priyanka became a mother in January this year. However, Malati, who was born through surrogacy,

was in the hospital for a long time as she was a pre-macho baby.

Then Priyanka Chopra left all the speculations behind and brought the girl home. He posted the first picture of the girl on social media.

The newborn girl was stying in the hospital for 100 days. Priyanka said through an emotional post.

The star couple has named their daughter after dedicating themselves to their mother. Malati and Mary are the names of Priyanka’s mother and mother-in-law.

A few days ago, Priyanka was mentioning her daughter while talking to Lily Singh about her new book.

Piggy Chops talks about how her thinking changed since becoming a mother. Priyanka  heard to say, ‘As a new mother,

what I always think is, I will never let my desires, my fears, come into my growing baby.

I have always believed that children came into this world through you, not through you. It should never thought that my child means

I will raise him as I am. They came through you to make their place here.

There are many benefits to accepting it, my parents never wanted to force anything on me. ‘🔱