Norway's E-69 highway - the last road on earth

Norway's E-69 highway - the last road on earth

Norway’s E-69 highway – the last road on earth

What is the end of the road? It may be unknown to many.

The question may arise in the mind, where the sky meets the road to the end of the world?

There is a road in the world that ends. The road merges into infinity. Geologists traced that road.

The address of the last road in the world is the ‘E-69 highway’ of Europe. This road is located in Norway.

When the address is at the end of the world, many people will cry to witness the adventure.

Many people like to walk at least once on the world’s last road on the ‘E-69 highway’ in Norway.

This last road on Earth is in the Northern Hemisphere i.e. just above the Equator.

Geologists have also explained the reason why the road is called the last road on earth. Scientists have also explained whether anyone can go there,

how it is possible to go there. Norway’s ‘E-69 highway’ goes near the North Pole.

This road connects Nordkapp in Northern Europe with the village of Oldafevoord in Norway.

The distance of this ‘E-69 highway’ is 129 km. The road has to be crossed through five tunnels.

The longest tunnel in this is the ‘North Cape’. That ‘North Cape’ is 6.9 kilometers long.

The ‘North Cape’ tunnel reaches 212 meters below sea level. There is the last road

Norway's E-69 highway - the last road on earth

There are some rules to go on that road. If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be allowed to go on that road, if you don’t follow the rules, there is a terrible danger lurking on the road.

So there is no permission to go alone on ‘E-69 Highway’. The wind was blowing at a terrible speed. And so cold.

It is so cold that even in summer it snows here. And in winter this road is covered with snow.

The road is closed. Occasional storms with heavy snowfall, rain. No weather forecast works here.

However, during hot weather, adventure lovers travel in groups on this road with bikes.

That picture was posted on social media. But there are precedents that accidents have also happened on this road.

Just as the Norwegian government makes a fortune from showing off the Northern Lights,

the U69 highway in this northernmost country has been on the bucket list of travelers in recent years.

However, the guide must be kept with it.