One and a half crore actual deaths in Corona in the world: WHO

Corona outbreaks have been going on around the world for more than two years. The virus has so far killed 5.4 million people worldwide. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the actual death toll is much higher. According to their estimates, 14.5 million people have died in Corona since the beginning of the epidemic.

According to a BBC report on Thursday, the World Health Organization estimates that the number of deaths in Corona in the last two years is 13 per cent higher than previously thought. Researchers at the agency believe that many countries do not keep accurate accounts of deaths in Corona. So the real picture did not come up.

According to the WHO, out of 14.5 million deaths in Corona, 480,000 are in India. This is 10 times more than the country’s published death toll in Corona, and about one-third of the total Corona deaths in the world.

The Indian government has questioned the coroner’s death toll in the WHO report. He said they had questions about the reporting process. However, other studies on actual deaths in Corona have yielded similar information.
According to the report, the new WHO figures are five times higher than the Bangladesh government’s death toll in Corona. And the WHO accounts for eight times more deaths in Pakistan.

Samira Asma, an official with the World Health Organization’s data department, said: “The issue is tragic. The number is astonishing. It is important for us to show respect for those who died in Corona. We have to hold our policy makers accountable.
The WHO official added: “If we do not keep track of the deaths, we will lose the opportunity to be better prepared in the future.”
The method used in the WHO study has been dubbed ‘access death’. In this way, the number of deaths after the onset of the epidemic is higher than the expected death in any region before the Corona epidemic. Russia, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Peru are among the countries with the highest number of deaths after India.