One killed in a head-on collision between two ferries in the middle Padma

A pickup van driver was killed and at least 10 others were injured in a late night collision between two ferries near Jajira in Shariatpur.

The incident took place near Shariatpur Turning on the Shimulia-Majhirkandi ferry route around 3pm on Saturday, said ASI Shakhawat Hossain of Louhjong Police Station.

According to BIWTC officials, the ferry Sufia Kamal was traveling with 30 vehicles from Majhirkandi in Shariatpur (Sattar Madbar Mangalmajhi Ghat) to Shimulia Ghat in Munshiganj. On the other hand, there were 34 vehicles on the ferry Begum Rokeya from Shimulia to Majhirkandi.

The two ferries had more than two hundred passengers. Two boats collided head-on near Shariatpur Turning on the Padma River. Later, the two ferries reached their respective destinations in damaged condition.

The drivers of the two ferries said that they were sleeping with the responsibility in the hands of the second master. The matter is being investigated, said ASI Shakhawat.

He said the name of the dead pickup driver. Khokon (40), home in Kanthalia of Jhalokati district. His car was a ferry Sufia Kamal. His body was kept at the ferry terminal number three in Shimulia.

Another driver is missing after falling into the Padma. Injured parts of both the ferries were twisted in a head-on collision with great speed. At least five private cars aboard the ferry Rokeya were damaged.

Ferry Begum Rokeya Master Mintu Ranjan Das said her ferry was coming downstream, and Sufia Kamal was going upstream. When the accident happened, he was sleeping, the assistant master was driving the ferry.

“Sufia Kamal was told to wait, but they did not wait. The ferry could not be controlled by pulling the water even though the speed was reduced while descending. ”

Ferry Sufia Kamal’s master Mohammad Hassan also says he was asleep with the second master in charge.

“The ferry could not be controlled due to strong currents at Shariatpur Turning. One of the drivers on the ferry died. ”

ASI Shakhawat said, “After the accident, the two ferries were able to anchor at their respective destinations. It saved the lives of many more passengers. “