One laddu was sold for 61 lakhs

One laddu was sold for 61 lakhs

One laddu was sold for 61 lakhs

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi (annual worship festival of Lord Ganesha) various foods like laddus and sweets are prepared in different cities of India.

But that laddu was auctioned again, the price of which was raised to several lakhs, this may be unknown to many people. Recently one such laddu was sold in Hyderabad. The price of the auction is about 61 lakhs.

Every year on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Hyderabad laddus are auctioned. Last Saturday, a laddu was auctioned at Marakatha Pandel in Hyderabad for Tk 45 lakh. Then the price of a laddu rose to 60 lakh 80 thousand rupees in Richmond Villa.

It is known that this year Balapur Laddu was sold for Tk 24 lakh 60 thousand. The weight of that laddu was 21 kg. The auction of that laddu starts from 1 thousand 116 taka.

As the price went up, it stood at 26 lakh 60 thousand taka. On the other hand, laddus are sold for Tk 45 lakh in Marakatha.

But this year all records were broken by Richmond Villa-Sun City. Ganesh laddus were sold for around 61 lakh rupees.

This laddu auction has been going on since 1994 in Hyderabad. That year, a local farmer named Kolan Mohan Reddy bought an auctioned Ganesha laddu for Rs 450.

But this tradition of laddu auction, which has been going on for so many years, has never crossed the house of 20 lakhs. But this year all the records have been broken.

In fact, locals believe that Ganesha’s laddu brings good luck, health and prosperity. It is through this laddu auction that Ganesh Visarjan begins.

In an interview given to the media, Dr. Richmond Villa-Sun City resident. Saji D’Souza said around 100 people gathered to buy these laddus. There were people of all religions, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs. The auction of that laddu starts from 25 thousand.

The price rises to 60 lakh 80 thousand taka. Richmond Villa houses the RV Dia Charitable Trust, which supports 17 voluntary organizations with funding for education and health.

This time also this auction money will go to that charitable trust. On the other hand, money from laddu auction in Balapur is used for the development of Balapur.