One more record for a cow in a Spanish pullover

The youthful Spanish footballer Gavi. The Barcelona pullover has sparkled all through the season. At 18 years old he got a spot in the Spanish public group as a prize. The midfielder, known as the ‘new Xavi’, likewise scored an objective in the Spanish pullover on Sunday (June 5). The objective against the Czech Republic in the League of Nations has given him a spot in the record. Nobody has scored an objective short of what him in the Spanish pullover.

Previous title holders Spain have not won two successive matches in the UEFA Nations League. Luis Enrique’s side are likewise unbeaten against the Czech Republic after Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. The European power has attracted two times the Czech Republic’s Eden Arena. Spain, following by four minutes, adjusted in the third moment of added time in the principal half. The objective was scored by Barcelona midfielder Gavi. What’s more, with this objective, his name has entered the record.

Gavi was 18 years and 304 days old at the hour of Sunday’s match. Nobody has scored an objective short of what him in the Spanish shirt. The past record was additionally held by one of Barcelona. Gavir’s past record was held by Barcelona partner Ansu Fatir. Fatir was 18 years and 311 days old when he scored his most memorable objective in a Spanish shirt against Ukraine in September 2020. Gavi, who has previously played 6 counterparts for Spain, has established Fatir’s standard by scoring an objective very early in life of 7 days.

Prior to turning into the most youthful objective scorer in Spain, nonetheless, a record cow has collected. He set the standard upon the arrival of his introduction. The midfielder likewise holds the record for the most youthful presentation for Spain. Gavir made his presentation in the League of Nations match last October at 18 years old years and 72 days. Regardless of losing 2-1 in the semi-last against Italy, Gavi broke the 6-year-old record. Anhel Zubietar holds the record for the most youthful presentation for Spain before Gavi. At the hour of his initiation in 1936, he was 18 years and 264 days old. In third spot here is Gavir Club colleague Fati. At the hour of his presentation in the public group, Fatir was 18 years and 308 days old.
Despite the fact that he lost on the record day of his presentation, Gavi didn’t permit the group to lose on that day. He was quick to get back to equality in the wake of falling behind the Czech Republic. In any case, the checkers went on again in the last part. This time, be that as it may, Inigo Martinez has returned the equilibrium. Gavi can thank this safeguard for scoring an objective as of now of the match.

Mentor Louis Enrique was additionally intrigued with Gavi’s exhibition. “I know Gavi quite well,” said Gavi. I have been watching the video of his game for just about five years. Assuming one of our players plays well in the principal around 50% of, that is all there is to it. In any case, I won’t utter a word new about the cow. I have said previously – he will score an objective, he is as yet scoring an objective. ‘