Organizing Bishwarang in Jamaishthi

Jamaishasti has come up with all the new trendy designs for the fashion conscious.

Jamaishthi is a popular custom. This custom originated from the festival of the sixth goddess. Jamaishthi has been observed since the Vedic age. Every year, on the sixth day of the month of Jyastha, the sixth puja is performed in the early morning. The son-in-law was warmly invited from his father-in-law’s house on the day of Sasthi Puja.

When the son-in-law’s wife is present, the sixth puja is transformed into the sixth son-in-law. This festival is usually celebrated in the family of the followers of traditional religions who have a newly married daughter.

Bishwarang has always been a pioneer in the celebration of festivals. This time too he was no exception.

According to a press release of the organization, this time there is a difference in the style of their clothes. Apart from Dhupian Silk, Joy Silk, Tassar Silk, Soft Silk, Katan, various ornamented fabrics have been used.

The use of colors has resulted in a mixture of different colors including off-white, white, red, maroon, green, gold. The medium of work is embroidery, Zardousi, embroidery, cut work, screen print – mixed media with its own various techniques.

Apart from the outlets, these garments can also be collected from the online and Facebook pages of these companies.