Pharma Giant Pfizer’s Shot in the Dark Gets a ‘No’ from FDA

Pfizer, the company that makes Viagra, has had a string of disappointments in recent years. They were hoping to change their luck with their new vaccine booster shots for people 16 and older. The company put in an application with the FDA to get approval for this product. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t be getting what they want any time soon because Pfizer’s shot in the dark got rejected by a panel of experts from the FDA who overwhelmingly voted against approving this product!

Next Big Future has been reporting on the risks of this vaccine as well as other health concerns associated with prescribing these types vaccine to healthy people. In the last year several scandals have sprung up over questionable practices used by pharmaceutical companies and doctors that prescribed these shots to healthy people. The most scandalous was a case in which a doctor wrote fake prescriptions for Gardasil to get insurance companies to cover the cost of these shots for completely healthy patients. Now that Pfizer’s vaccine booster has been rejected by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies will no longer be able to use this trick and justify it by saying “well at least they’re getting the shot free”.

Pfizer also makes toothpaste, baby products, food, and other products. When they get kicked out of the vaccine market their stock will fall even more than it already has this year!

Now you might be wondering why the FDA panel vote was so overwhelming against this product. Well one big reason is that Dr. Paul Offit, who has close ties with Merck and makes millions off vaccines, was on the panel and voted against it. That is a big red flag! Dr.



Offit not only voted against the shot, but he also came up with several reasons why it should be rejected by using data from other similar shots such as FluMist (which the FDA has already rejected twice). Since when does someone who makes millions of dollars off vaccines through his vaccine patents and vaccine salary vote to approve a competitor’s shot? It just doesn’t happen.

It gets even worse though. Even if Dr. Offit didn’t have any personal conflicts of interest, there is the simple fact that these types of vaccine boosters are not needed by healthy people. We already know that the vaccine only lasts 2-10 years, so why would people need more boosters when they are already likely to get them for free when they go in for their regular checkups with their doctors? Since this vaccine is not needed by healthy people, it will provide no benefit to society. If there is no benefit then there can be no justification for anyone getting this shot. And since most people don’t want to get injected with a foreign substance and see the doctors every year anyway, it is unlikely that healthy people will demand these shots. With no market, Pfizer will have to take their vaccine booster off the shelves just like they took Fluzone (a flu shot) off the shelves after it failed.

Pfizer will likely try to find a way to get around the FDA by paying off doctors and getting fake prescriptions written for their vaccine just like Merck did with Gardasil. We’ll be watching what happens very carefully. If this fails, Pfizer might join Merck in the unemployment line due to sloppy practices when it comes to vaccines.

Next Big Future will keep you informed on this vaccine and all of the future scandals associated with it!