Philippines Congress announces Marcos as next president

A meeting of Philippines Congress on Wednesday working closely together pronounced Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the child and namesake of the infamous late despot, the champ of the current month’s political race and affirmed he would turn into the country’s next president.

The declaration formalizes the once unfathomable re-visitation of force of the country’s most well known political line, after a 1986 “individuals power” revolt drove the Marcos family in banishment in Hawaii.

Marcos, 64, also called “Bongbong,” takes over on June 30 from Rodrigo Duterte and will serve until 2028, with the occupant president’s little girl, Sara Duterte-Carpio, as his V

“I ask all of you, petition God for me, hope everything works out for me,” Marcos, wearing the conventional white Filipino barong shirt and pants, said after the declaration. “I believe should do well for this country.”

Marcos won 31.6 million or 58.77% of polling forms cast, with a 82% turnout.

He won by an edge unheard of since before his dad’s imperious, 1965-1986 rule, a time described by defilement, military regulation and unashamed luxury of the principal family, a story his mission looked to overturn.

Marcos’ significant other and three children were likewise present in Congress, where their family has won a seat in pretty much every political race since its return from exile during the 1990s. Additionally going to was 92-year-old authority Imelda, the compelling power-intermediary, who got clearly adulation from the house as she postured for pictures.

He is practically 100% to order a regulative supermajority, with sister Imee a congressperson, child Ferdinand a senator and cousin Martin Romualdez, the house larger part pioneer expected to be named speaker, showing the degree of the power the family will employ.

He has said his center regions will be energy costs, occupations, foundation and training.

Marcos is as yet collecting his bureau, which should explore high expansion, government obligation and an interesting international strategy offset with partner the United States and an undeniably persuasive China. Regardless of the edge of triumph, Marcos’ standard will be disruptive, with inescapable resentment among adversaries and casualties of abuse over what they see as authentic revisionism to demonstrate the family’s innocence.

Imee Marcos on Wednesday said the family was “extremely, thankful briefly possibility” in power.