Pope Francis Talks to Joe Biden: A Strange Pairing

Pope Francis met with Joe Biden this week. The meeting was highly anticipated since it is the first time that a US president has had an audience with Pope Francis. It’s also the first time that a Catholic vice-president has met with the pope, and Francis himself said he sees in Biden a good heart.

There were many questions about how different their ideologies would be, but they seemed to get along well by all accounts. They discussed topics such as climate change and immigration reform in depth and both expressed concern for people in need around the world.

The meeting was very visible, with plenty of reporters in tow. And so when the pope and the vice-president were photographed together in high-fives, it probably didn’t come as a complete surprise to anyone.

But the images themselves were a bit, well, blasphemous. And right-wing site Breitbart took it as an opportunity to slam the White House and the media for going too easy on this pope, who is as liberal as they come.

In their own defense, however, Vatican officials argued that high-fives are not necessarily reserved only for the children of the West. They are, in fact, a common gesture among high school students in Italy.

Pope Francis then invited Joe Biden to go for ice cream with him at the Vatican’s American Embassy. However, sources within the country say that it is unlikely that Mr. Biden would be able to come because he would need special clearance to leave the country and enter Vatican City.

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