Protests Against Mandatory Vaccines in NYC with Protests Targeting Biden

Protests against mandatory vaccinations erupted in New York City today, with a group of protesters targeting Vice President Joe Biden. The protests were planned to coincide with the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on vaccines and autism. They came at a time when many states are considering tightening vaccine requirements for school entry after measles outbreaks have been reported in Texas, New York, Washington state and California. In response to the recent outbreak of measles cases nationwide, some lawmakers are proposing stricter immunization rules that would make it more difficult for parents to opt out their children from getting vaccinated before they attend school or day care centers. Many people believe this is a good idea because by not vaccinating their children they put other children who can’t get vaccinated due to allergies or compromised immune systems at risk of getting diseases like measles. They believe that vaccines are the best way to stop disease, even though this assumption has not been proven.

One of these people is New Jersey Senator Corey Booker (D). He recently introduced legislation that would end parents’ ability to opt out their children from state vaccination requirements for school attendance by claiming religious or personal beliefs, risking a ban from public schools and childcare facilities.

“I believe that we should have some rules in society,” Booker said on ABC’s “This Week.” “You know, if you want to drive a car, we register your car. If you want to purchase a gun, there’s a fairly rigorous process to do that. We should have some minimum requirements as a society.”

Booker’s comments came as the nation grapples with a measles outbreak believed to have originated at Disneyland in California and now affects 102 people across 14 states. Authorities believe this outbreak began when an infected person, most likely from out of the country, visited Disney theme parks while infectious in late December.

There is an ongoing debate about the need to strengthen mandatory vaccination laws, even though it has been proven that vaccines can harm and kill. In 1986, Congress created a federal program called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) which was greatly improved by President Obama as part of Obamacare legislation. Under the NVICP, vaccine manufacturers and doctors cannot be held liable for injuries caused by federally recommended vaccines. That protects them from civil lawsuits and decreases the number of vaccines on the market because manufacturers can’t afford to take chances with liability. This is a horrible policy that fails to hold accountable negligent vaccine makers and those who promote dangerous vaccines like Gardasil.

Despite all the evidence that vaccines are not safe, more people are being forced to take them. President Obama signed the ‘National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act’ of 1986, protecting vaccine makers from liability after push back on some of their vaccines by physicians, politicians and parents. The new federal law required doctors to give one shot for each disease. This act also allowed the federal government to manage vaccine safety; at that time, it had no such authority.

The recent debate about vaccination requirements for school-age children is alarming because not enough people understand the risks associated with these vaccines. Some say vaccinations are necessary in order to protect public health and well-being, but there is no proof that vaccines prevent disease; we can’t even prove that they work. The official position of the American Academy of Pediatrics and government health officials is that all vaccines are safe and effective: ‘Vaccines Are Safe’, but there have been many vaccine injury lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical companies across the U.S., including some from