Putin is following the path shown by Stalin

As much as Putin is trying to weaken Ukraine, he is trying to destroy the country’s desire to engage with the West. He will seize as much territory in Ukraine as he thinks he can hold. From the “new Russian territory” in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, he will want to control the fragmented Ukrainian state.
History says that Putin’s policy today is parallel to the policy of the Soviet era. During World War II, Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin chose to weaken the German Empire. In this regard, he had an agreement with the then US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

This vast empire stretched from Alsace Lorraine in modern France to Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) in Russia.

For Stalin, Germany, the biggest power in Europe, was not only a serious threat to the Soviet Union, but he also considered the country (Germany) to be part of the capitalist world.

Part of this fragmented empire was western and central Germany.

It happened in October 1949. Five months before this, the Federal Republic of Germany made its debut with the western region.
Stalin and his successor Soviet leaders always hoped that the GDR would lead the people of the Federal Republic of Germany to communism.

But that never happened, instead in 1989-90 the people of East Germany voted to leave the shadow of communist rule and merge into the Federal Republic of Germany.

When Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in February this year, he hoped his army would quickly take over the country; Namakawaste will face resistance; The elected government of the country will flee to another country.

Putin is now trying to dismember the country by occupying the eastern part of Ukraine (the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk republics) and driving out the people there who are not loyal to Russia. Such was the case after the annexation of Crimea in southern Ukraine.

Russian military commanders and government officials openly claim that eastern and southern Ukraine are now part of Russia.

Russification, or the policy of imposing Russian culture on the people, appears to be a campaign of ethnic cleansing.