Putin’s threat should be taken seriously: EU

The bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, believes that the European Union should take the threat of nuclear weapons use by Russian President Vladimir Putin seriously. In an interview with the BBC’s Lis Doucet, he said the war in Ukraine had reached a “dangerous moment”.

“The situation has certainly taken a dangerous turn with the Russian military cornered, and Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons in response is very bad,” Borrell said.

Seven months after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, analysts agree that President Putin’s forces are lagging behind. In this situation, Borel thinks that a ‘diplomatic solution’ of this crisis should be reached; which protects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Otherwise, war may stop, but peace will not come, and the threat of war again will remain.

He added, “I am not bluffing.”

Borrell dismissed concerns that EU arms supplies to Ukraine had dropped. He said that the EU must provide military assistance to Ukraine. In addition, economic sanctions and diplomatic action against President Putin and his allies should be implemented. However, he admitted that rising fuel prices due to the war was a concern.

He has heard similar concerns from leaders in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.” inform

Borrell called on Russian President Putin to reach a negotiated solution. He said, “Those who went to Moscow, to the Kremlin to talk to Putin, they came back with the same answer from Putin. “I have military objectives, I will continue to fight until these military objectives are achieved,” Putin said. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said it must be worrying, but continued support for Ukraine.