Qatar tour to see LED lights canceled after criticism

One of the measures taken recently by the government to reduce the pressure on foreign exchange reserves is to stop unnecessary foreign trips of government officials. The visit has been postponed today as media workers started to inquire about the matter.

There is no financial involvement of National Sports Council or Bangladesh Government. But Buff will not cover any expenses for this trip. Because there is no money in Bafuf’s fund.

The biggest mystery is created with this budget of officials’ visit to Qatar. Kamrun Nahar, accounting officer of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, confirmed that no budget for this tour has been passed by the government. When We have not received any documents regarding this. borne by NSC. Some part is borne by the Ministry of Finance. We got the office order for that.

Originally these four NSC officials wanted to visit Qatar keeping in mind the ongoing renovation work of Bangabandhu Stadium. The National Sports Council has undertaken a mega project of around 100 crore rupees to renovate this stadium.BUFFE and NSC could not come to an agreement on the installation of floodlights in the stadium. Buffe wants LED floodlights. But NSC wants current floodlight. And they were supposed to go to Qatar to see that LED floodlight.