Queen’s used T-bags are selling for $12,000

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, pictures of her various memorials are floating in the internet world. These souvenirs are being kept in the sale list of various e-commerce companies. These are seen fetching high prices for sale. One of the notable souvenirs is the T-bag used by the queen.

According to a report by NDTV, a user of US-based multinational e-commerce company eBay listed a T-bag on the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession. The person then said that the T-bag was brought out from Windsor Castle in 1998. Currently, its selling price has increased to 12 thousand dollars.

“This is the same T-bag you may have seen on CNN in late 1998,” the seller wrote, describing the special features of the T-bag. Queen Elizabeth II used it. It was smuggled out of Windsor Castle by an exterminator in the 1990s. The man was called to assist Her Majesty the Queen in dealing with the cockroach infestation in London.’

It does not end here.
The Decatur, Georgia, US seller on Thursday described the T-bag as ‘extremely rare’.

Not just tea-bags, there are other interesting items listed on eBay. A seller has listed a wax figure of the Queen for sale. The asking price is 15 thousand 900 dollars. He wrote about the characteristics of the statue, its hair is real human hair.

Several other items, including the Queen’s Barbie doll, have been in high demand. The price of Queen’s Barbie doll is estimated at 1 thousand 299.99 US dollars.

An autograph signed by the Queen is also selling for $11,249.