Real Madrid felt the new Barcelona

Attack after attack, frenzied crowd, great long-range goals, defensive mistakes, players clashing between the two teams—everything was there today to make an ideal El Clasico. Who will say, this match was a friendly match?

Before the start of the season, today in Las Vegas, Real Madrid and Barcelona presented another chapter of their centenary duel to the football lovers. Everyone understood that, after the arrival of new players like Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha, Antonio Rudiger, Andrea Christensen, Frank Casey, Aurelian Chuameni, how the new day Clasico could be. Everyone also understood, how much the new day Barcelona has improved than before. Barcelona’s 1-0 win over Real Madrid today with Rafinha’s goal is not proof of that improvement?

Barcelona went down with a full strength team. The two coaches played almost all the players of the squad in turn at different times of the match. However, Real Madrid was a little behind. Players like Karim Benzema, Dani Carvajal were not! Eden Hazard stepped into the field as the main striker due to the absence of Karim Benzema. Yes, that Hazard, who has stepped up to prove his importance to the coach after suffering through injuries for the past three years.

On one side, Real without an ideal striker, on the other side, Barcelona’s new attack made up of Rafinha, Lewandowski, Dembele. As a result, what happened happened. From the beginning, Barcelona kept Real’s defense at bay with one attack after another. In the 27th minute of the match, Real’s Brazilian center back Militao, who lost to Barcelona’s constant pressing, gave the ball to the feet of Rafinha who was standing outside the box. The Brazilian winger, who joined this season from Leeds United, didn’t have to rush to beat Courtois with a perfect left-footed shot.

Lewandowski made his debut in the Barca jersey today. The spectators were confused by the number of the jersey, but the fans of Las Vegas saw Bayern’s left on the ball. The striker had several chances to score from the start, but the goal did not come. Lewandowski scored the first shot of the match on goal for Barca. Real’s luck is bad, they didn’t get a goal for a while, Valverde’s shot in the 17th minute came back shaking the bar without hitting the net.

Kroos, Modric, Mendy, Casemiro were all fielded by Real to return to the match in the second half. On the other hand, Lewandowski, Frankie De Jong, Frank Kesira came on the field in place of Fatih to maintain the lead. If Rafinha, Busquets, Pedris were also removed in the second half, Real slowly took control of the match. It didn’t work. At the opposite end, KC, Courtois saved Real from embarrassment by blocking several shots of Dembele.

Barcelona unveiled the banner in Las Vegas after trolling Real before the match. A picture of Laporta appeared on the banner, along with some text in Spanish. The Bengali meaning of that writing is, ‘Don’t worry merengues (Real Madrid).

If Real had won this match, they could have answered the banner in the field.