Recommendations to reduce electricity use in some areas of the United States

Like many countries in Europe, the United States is also experiencing a severe heat wave. Temperature and humidity are predicted to rise further in various parts of the country. Preparations are underway to issue health warnings to residents there. Residents of various parts of the United States have been asked to be careful with their electricity use as demand increases amid the extreme heat. News from AFP
A Twitter post from the United States Weather Service (NWC) said on Thursday morning local time, “A large part of the country is in dangerous temperatures.” 60 high temperatures have been recorded so far this week. More such temperatures may be recorded next week.

New York City residents were asked to reduce their electricity use on Thursday. For this, it is recommended to increase the temperature of the air conditioner and unplug the big appliances.

The state’s power authority has warned that low wind speeds will threaten grid capacity.

As most of the houses in the United States have air-conditioning systems, local people can avoid the health risks caused by heat waves for now. However, increasing consumption puts pressure on the electricity grid.

Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) were recorded across much of the southwestern United States. In some areas it exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar temperatures were recorded in the southern part of the United States.

Temperatures are already rising on the US East Coast. High temperature combined with high humidity gives a feeling of high temperature.

Heat emergencies have been declared in Washington and Philadelphia. Residents have been asked to be vigilant.

Scientists have already predicted that such heatwaves may occur more often in the United States and Europe. The intensity of these heat waves will increase due to global warming.