Roger Stone Served with Capitol Riot Lawsuit

Roger Stone, longtime confidant to Donald Trump, was served with a Capitol riot lawsuit during his radio show on Tuesday. The suit was filed by Roger’s former campaign manager and alleges that Stone is responsible for the violence at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. “I’m not surprised they’re suing us,” said Stone. “We were there.” Mr. Stone is now promising to countersue for $100 million dollars, and says he has the evidence to prove that they were attacked by paid DNC operatives armed with dangerous weapons such as pepper spray and concrete filled “sock” projectiles.

“They had a human centipede before the first night was over,” says Roger on his radio show. “And I’ve got some of those little sock things that they throw with the concrete in them, and some of those pepper spray cans that were used on innocent people.”

“These are what’s called black bloc terrorists,” says Roger. “They’re like the brown shirts of the Bernie Sanders movement.”

Roger is referring to the group of protestors that were widely documented in the media for their violence.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize,” said DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she was asked about the increasingly violent protests at the RNC. “We should not condone violence in any way.” However, after viewing hours of footage from inside and outside of the convention hall she then promised to “take appropriate action” if the violence was linked back to people that were part of her organization or their associates.

The rioters were also filmed by Fox News throwing burning T-shirts, bottles, and other projectiles at police officers before Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis demanded an apology from Democrat leadership.

“I don’t remember anyone having a rally and saying their speech was ruined,” said Loomis. “There’s video of [them] doing that.”

Stone says he has proof that DNC operatives are responsible for the violence at the RNC. “We have video of paid DNC operatives coming in from other states, wearing black clothes, flaunting walkie-talkies, and rushing into crowds of peaceful protestors to start fights.”

“What happened is that they’re obviously trained agitators,” said Roger. “They worked off a play book; they planned this violence. We know that they’re mostly Bernie Sanders supporters because the rest of the protestors were wearing ‘Hillary’ shirts, but these guys had no Hillary paraphernalia whatsoever.”

“We tried to talk to them about their shirt choices,” said Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski. ”

After months of investigating, the lawsuit has been filed against Roger Stone and his organization for allegedly inciting this violence. Lawyers on both sides acknowledged that