Ronaldo left the field angry after a long break

Ronaldo left the field angry after a long break

Ronaldo left the field angry after a long break

Cristiano Ronaldo announced on social media, “Sunday the king is coming to play”.

The ‘King’, who spoke, was in the starting XI against Spanish club Rayo Vallecano.

However, he could not establish the kingdom in the field at all.

Manchester United coach Eric Ten Haag picked him up at half-time after being inactive for 45 minutes.

After being lifted, he left Old Trafford before the end of the match.

The Portuguese superstar Ronaldo has given birth to a new controversy in this incident amidst the confusion regarding the change of team.

It is believed that he left the stadium in the middle of the match after being angry with the coach’s decision.

However, nothing has been reported from Ronaldo or United in this regard yet.

After the game, Ronaldo posted a picture of himself in the match on Twitter, writing: “Happy to be back.”

He did not take part in United’s pre-season tour of the United States amid complications over the transfer

Ronaldo left the field angry after a long break

He returned to training at United’s Carrington Ground on July 29 after a long ‘break’ and made

his first appearance in a Red Devils jersey since last season’s match against Rayo Viocano.

Meanwhile, British media reports that Ronaldo is pressuring United to change teams.

He requested the club to fix his ‘price tag’.

Even though clubs like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG, Atletico Madrid have turned away from him, Ronaldo is still optimistic about leaving the team.

Desperate to play in the Champions League next season, Ronaldo is also considering a return to his boyhood club Sporting Lisbon, according to European football journalists.