Russia directly blamed the US for the Ukraine war

Russia directly blamed the US for the Ukraine war

Russia directly blamed the US for the Ukraine war

Russia has accused the US of being directly involved in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

More than five months after the start of military operations in the Eastern European country,

Moscow brought forward this accusation against the United States for the first time.

British media BBC reported this information in a report on Wednesday (August 3).

According to the report, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry alleged that the United States

was authorizing the targeting of American Humerus missiles used by the Ukrainian military.

Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said this matter was discovered through intercepting conversations between Ukrainian officials.

However, the BBC could not independently verify this claim by a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman.

Russia has previously accused Washington of waging a ‘proxy war’ in Ukraine. But a spokesman for the US Department of Defense,

the Pentagon, said the US had provided Ukrainians with ‘detailed and time-sensitive information to help them

understand the threats they face and defend their country against Russian aggression.’

The Himars is a rocket system that can launch precision-guided missiles at targets up to 70 km (45 mi) away.

Basically, it is much more powerful than the type of artillery that Ukraine previously had or used.

Igor Konashenkov said: “Rockets from Kiev’s forces are hitting civilian infrastructure in populated Donbass and other regions, causing massive civilian casualties.”

And the Biden administration is directly responsible for this

Russia directly blamed the US for the Ukraine war

Earlier in April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the United States and its NATO-led military

alliance were involved in a shadow war in Ukraine by supplying Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of weapons.

The 72-year-old Russian foreign minister also said, “War is war.”

In an interview given to state television, Lavrov also said at the time, “The military alliance led by the United States,

NATO, is in a sense at war with Russia.”

They are carrying out a shadow war (against Russia) and supplying weapons. War means war.

“These weapons will be considered legitimate targets for the Russian military in the context of special operations,” he warned.

However, Russia has been accused of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict in Ukraine.

Last week, Ukraine accused Moscow of bombing a prison in separatist Donetsk to cover up allegations of torture.