Russia discharges video of ‘Knight Hunter’ slaughter in Ukraine

Shots and shells are being discharged from the helicopter. They are hitting different focuses inside the plants beneath. After the injury, a curl of smoke is ascending from that point. Such an image has come up in a video distributed in the informing application Telegram on Sunday.

As per the Russian media Sputnik News, the video was distributed in a wire by the Russian Defense Ministry. The strikes were focused on Ukraine’s air protections from MI-27N helicopters. This helicopter is otherwise called ‘Night Hunter’.
Sputnik’s report didn’t say where or when the assault occurred in Ukraine. Russia’s Defense Ministry says the assault annihilated various Ukrainian army bases, as well as air safeguards. The helicopters got back to their bases after the assault.
Prior on Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry representative Igor Konashenkov asserted that Russia’s exceptional military activity up to this point had 134 Ukrainian airplanes, 460 robots (automated flying vehicles), 247 air guard frameworks, 2,269 tanks and other military vehicles, 252 rockets and 252 rockets. Mortars and 2,156 unique military vehicles were obliterated.
Igor Konashenkov likewise guaranteed that 23,038 Ukrainian troopers had been killed such a long ways in the conflict, adding that the Russian Defense Ministry had a dependable gauge of the misfortunes endured by the Ukrainian armed force, the National Guard and unfamiliar soldiers of fortune in the conflict. President Volodymyr Zelensky is reluctant to unveil this data to individuals of Ukraine.