Save Tanjung Tuan for the travel industry and training, says MNS

The backwoods save in Tanjung Tuan, Alor Gajah, ought to be utilized as a travel industry and training woodland with an end goal to guarantee that nature in the space stays safeguarded, Malaysian Nature Society president Prof Ahmad Ismail said today.

He said the mix of tropical rainforests and mangrove swamps made Tanjung Tuan exceptional, aside from it being a significant area for bird-watching exercises.

“The 607,000 square meter woodland has been perceived as a significant region for birds and biodiversity, as well as a significant spot for flying predators by worldwide associations and hence ought to be offered consideration and all Malaysians ought to likewise safeguard this region, which requires great administration.

“The rainforest ashore and the mangrove woodland off the bank of Tanjung Tuan should be safeguarded to support nature, schooling, exploration and ecotourism for people in the future,” he said in a proclamation here this evening.

Ahmad said the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve was one of the excess beach front rainforest regions on the west shore of the Malay Peninsula.

It was gazetted as a backwoods save in 1921, a natural life safe-haven in 1971, and is a no-fishing region. It is likewise a memorable region as a result of the beacon there, worked in 1528-1529 by the Portuguese.

He said as the region was a fascination for bird watchers and had great path or course offices, it was entirely reasonable to be utilized as a week by week bird watching action for bird watching devotees, drawing in the more youthful age for ecotourism and schooling exercises.

“Concerning the mangrove woods region, fundamental offices for instruction, examination and ecotourism exercises can be furnished with offices, for example, a promenade that doesn’t upset the mangrove woodland,” he said.

He said it was a reasonable opportunity to set up the offices thinking about the ebb and flow state of the mangrove timberland, which was being reestablished, to guarantee the solace and wellbeing of school and college understudies completing instructive and research exercises.

He added that related to the state-level Environment Day last Saturday, 100 circle root mangrove saplings, 100 oil mangrove saplings and 400 circle root mangrove seedlings were established there.

He said establishing mangrove saplings would assist the recovery of the mangrove with overwhelming biological system in Tanjung Tuan, which was obliterated because of an oil slick in 2020.