Searching for Messi-Ronaldo in Holland-Mbappe duel

Distance from Paris to Seville is about 1442 km. Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Manchester City played in separate matches in these two European cities last night. Being in different groups in the Champions League, one team should not have much interest in the game of the other. However, there was a latent rivalry hidden in the separate fight of the two groups.

This duel is between two young players of both teams. Where Kylian Mbappé and Arling Holland are in another rivalry to outdo each other. Many people want to find the Messi-Ronaldo duel, which is lost in European football. Even football analysts have started throwing oblique comments about the comparative abilities of the two.
Although Holland’s time to make himself known on the football stage is recent, Mbappe made himself known 4 years ago at the World Cup in Russia. As a rising star, Mbappe contributed greatly to France’s second World Cup win. But time has now brought the two to a point.

Holland and Mbappe now face each other in a battle for supremacy on the football stage. Where their duel is seen by many as an alternative to the long-running duel of Messi-Ronaldo. Whether Mbappe-Holland can really be an alternative to Messi-Ronaldo, the answer to that question is left in the hands of time.

However, in the recent performance, the attitude of both of them is like, ‘No war, Nahi Dev Suchagra Medini.’ They have already indicated that they will not give up to get their due. In the first match of the Champions League this season, Mbappe-Holland also won their respective teams by scoring a pair of goals.

Messi or Ronaldo is the best – this debate has been the hottest topic in football for two decades. These two football superstars who are in their mid-thirties have also beaten each other in statistics. Somewhere Messi’s power and somewhere Ronaldo’s superiority. These two did not let anyone touch them for a long time in their duel. Taking the place of two such superstars is therefore not only difficult, but in some cases impossible. However, at the farewell of one generation, one has to reach out to the next generation. You have to find a new star. And this is where Mbappe and Holland are showing their talents. Who have been in great form for two seasons. While Mbappe scored 42 goals for PSG in the 2020–21 season, Holland netted 41 times for Borussia Dortmund.

Until last season, however, the fight between the two was not so obvious. The Dutch side Dortmund were not favorites in the Bundesliga and Champions League in that sense. So there was no pressure on Holland to win the big title. But this time the situation is completely different. While Mbappe is on a title campaign with PSG, Holland are aiming to retain the Premier League title as well as win their first Champions League title. Both teams are looking to win their first ever European title. Where they will be the trump cards of their respective parties.

Both Mbappe and Holland started their careers at the same time. Mbappe, 23, started the 2015–16 season for Ligue One club AS Monaco, while Holland, 22, started playing for Norwegian club Bryn FK. French star Mbappé scored the most 42 goals in the 2020-21 season. And Holland’s highest scoring season was 2019–20. When he scored 44 goals. However, the ability of these two cannot be fully understood in the goal statistics. They have created a strong position in their respective groups. However, the task was not easy at all.

Mbappe has one of the two best stars like Messi and Neymar in his own team. He has to constantly prove himself out of the shadow of these two. Apart from scoring match after match, this French forward is also showing skill in play making. Mbappe is also the youngest player to score 35 goals in the Champions League (23 years and 260 days). Where he overtook Messi (23 years 307 days). And Holland only went to play for Manchester City. Where Kevin de Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, including several tested star footballers, he has to know himself.