Shoaib asked to learn the behavior of rude Afghans

The way he used to throw the ball at the end of a long run, many people thought that he was not throwing a ball, but a ball of fire. Shoaib Akhtar, who has thrown balls at the batsman countless times on the cricket field, now threw words at the Afghans.
Shoaib Akhtar has expressed anger over the behavior of Afghan cricketers and the vandalism of their fans in the gallery after the match in Pakistan-Afghanistan match in Sharjah on Wednesday night.

In the Pakistan-Afghanistan match yesterday in the Super Four, there was tension on the field in the 19th over. After dismissing Pakistan batsman Asif Ali, Afghan pacer Farid Ahmed had something to say. Asif facing the pavilion then turned around and raised the bat towards Farid.

The trouble did not go far when the umpire and other Afghanistan players intervened. However, even if the trouble on the field stopped there, the fans of both teams could be seen getting angry in the gallery.

After the match, the Afghan fans got into an argument with the Pakistani fans. At one point it turned into fights and vandalism.

After the game, Shoaib talked about this on his YouTube channel. Criticizing the neighboring country, he took one hand and said, “As a nation, we have always stood by Afghanistan in its difficult times. What did they do after Asif Ali got out? Who pushed him, even scolded? You play cricket. Show your emotions. Don’t show such arrogance. This is why God is punishing you. And this is why the creator has defeated another Pathan with the six of one Pathan (Naseem Shah). You are ashamed and leave the field crying.’

Shoaib also brought up the issue of Pakistan’s relationship with India while explaining that the Afghanistan team’s behavior was not right. Referring to the Afghans as a good cricket team, Shoaib said, “We mix well with the Indians.” And what are you doing? We consider you brothers. Neighboring countries, we love you, take care. And you are so rude? It is not acceptable.’
Shoaib’s question to Shafiq, “To improve in the game, you spectators and players need to learn some things.”