Showtime Announces Upcoming Docuseries From W. Kamau Bell, We Need to Talk About Cosby

Comic and creator W. Kamau Bell is prepared to discuss Bill Cosby.

Indeed, he’s so prepared to discuss Cosby, he’s devoted a new, four-section docuseries to take apart both all that we had some awareness of Cosby and what we know now.

Per a public statement shipped off The Root, the docuseries—suitably qualified We Need for Talk About Cosby—will make its presentation at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival prior to making a beeline for Showtime for its little screen debut on Jan. 30.

Coordinated by Bell, the series is set to investigate the intricate story of Cosby’s life and work, gauging his activities against his unquestionable worldwide impact through interviews with jokesters, social analysts, writers and ladies who share their generally close to home, frightening experiences with Cosby.

Through documented film, Cosby uncovers who he might have been up and down—the direct opposite of the principled, well known individual who turned into a legend, not exclusively to African American individuals yet to all individuals.

As a self-claimed offspring of Cosby who grew up venerating The Cosby Show star, Bell clarified: As an offspring of Bill Cosby, I seriously loved every one of his shows and needed to be a joke artist as a result of him. I never suspected I’d at any point grapple with who we as a whole suspected Cosby was and who we presently comprehend him to be.

I don’t know he would need me to accomplish this work, however Cliff Huxtable certainly would.

Moreover, We Need to Talk About Cosby tries to strips back the layers of heritage the once venerated entertainer and humorist presently has all while allowing crowds the opportunity to rethink Cosby’s imprint in a general public where assault culture, harmful manliness, free enterprise and racial domination are forming how we reconsider sex, power and office.