Sologamy: Indian lady chooses to wed herself

The 24-year-old has arranged an independent fourteen day special night in Goa

For Bindu self esteem starts things out. Hailing from Gujarat’s Vadodara, the 24-year-old needed to set an illustration of self-acknowledgment, which is the reason she decided to wed herself.

Bindu keeps up with that this isn’t an exposure stunt.

Both the scene and the commitments are set. She is going all the way, getting hitched to herself finishing all customs and functions including the “pheras” and the sindoor.

“I never needed to get hitched. However, I needed to turn into a lady. So I chose to wed myself,” NDTV cited Bindu as saying.

The lady of the hour to-be had done broad examination regarding this situation on the web however neglected to track down some other occurrences of sologamy in the country. “Perhaps I am quick to set an illustration of self esteem in our country,” she said.

“What I am really attempting to depict is that ladies matter.”
Naming the entire thing a demonstration of self-acknowledgment, she said: “Self-marriage is a guarantee to show up for you and unequivocal love for oneself. Individuals wed somebody they love. I love myself and thus this wedding.”

Bindu, who works for a confidential firm, will set out toward a fourteen day vacation to Goa with no one except for herself after the function.

She said her folks had been strong of her interesting choice.