Sweden requests that Norway help as fire on wood transport takes steps to spread

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden has asked Norway for help with battling a fire that began a freight transport stealing lumber away Sweden’s west coast on Saturday as it chances spreading, specialists said.

Brutal climate had up to this point made it hard to quench the fire. The Swedish coast monitor said it was presently wanting to tow the vessel, Almirante Storni, into a port or quiet conditions.

That would build our odds of doing a more proficient work, a coast monitor representative said.

There was no fast approaching danger of an oil slick as gas tanks were not yet impacted, the representative said.

The fire had not spread to the actual boat, however the hotness was spreading all through the freight, expanding the danger that the fire would acquire strength, he said.

He added that adjoining Norway would help Swedish specialists later on Wednesday in endeavors to douse the fire, which was proceeding into its fifth day.

There have been no wounds identified with the fire on Almirante Storni, which contains 600 tons of fuel and is secured off Gothenburg.

The group of 17 has not been cleared from the vessel, which sails under the Liberian banner.