May 21, 2022

Taliban to hold meeting in Norway one week from now


A Taliban assignment intends to venture out to Norway one week from now for converses with the Norwegian government and a few united nations, just as gatherings with common society activists and basic freedoms protectors from Afghanistan.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry said Friday that it has welcomed agents of the Taliban to Oslo from Jan. 23 to Jan. 25. Norwegian paper VG said extraordinary delegates from the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and the European Union were relied upon to participate.

The service didn’t remark on the paper’s report.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt focused on that the visit was not a legitimation or acknowledgment of the Taliban. Yet, we should converse with the individuals who practically speaking administer the nation today.

We are incredibly worried about the major circumstance in Afghanistan, Huitfeldt said, noticing that financial and political conditions have made a full-scale helpful fiasco for a great many individuals confronting starvation in the country.

The acting unfamiliar priest, Amir Khan Muttaqi, will lead the Taliban assignment to Norway. The outing would be the initial time since the Taliban assumed control over the country in August that their agents have held authority gatherings in Europe. Prior, they went to Russia, Iran, Qatar, Pakistan, China and Turkmenistan.

  • Zabihullah Mujahid, the Afghan agent culture and data serve, said Muttaqi hopes to hold separate gatherings with the U.S. appointment and respective discussions with European delegates.
  • The freedoms of ladies and young ladies in Afghanistan are probably going to highlight noticeably in the discussions, alongside the West’s repetitive interest for the Taliban organization to impart capacity to Afghanistan’s minority ethnic and strict gatherings.
  • Muttaqi told The Associated Press in an uncommon meeting in December that his administration was focused on instruction for young ladies and ladies.

Representative culture serve Mujahid told the AP on Saturday that the new Afghan rulers planned to have schools open for young ladies and ladies in late March, after the Afghan new year.

Schooling for young ladies presently is limited past 7th grade in everything except 10 areas. In the capital, Kabul, private colleges and secondary schools have kept on working continuous. Most are little, and the classes have been isolated 100% of the time.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry said the Taliban designation’s gatherings with Afghans in Norway would incorporate ladies pioneers, writers and individuals who work with, in addition to other things, common freedoms and compassionate, monetary, social and policy centered issues.

Muttaqi is sure to press the Taliban’s interest that almost $10 billion frozen by the United States and other western nations be delivered. The United Nations has figured out how to accommodate some liquidity and permitted the new organization to pay for imports, including power.