Tennessee man captured for death of appointee saw as shot in consuming home


James Jackson Conn, 22, was captured Monday morning in association with the passing of agent Savanna Puckett on Sunday. Photograph kindness of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Experts in Tennessee said Monday that they have captured a 22-year-elderly person for the passing of a tracked down shot inside her consuming home over agent the end of the week.

James Jackson Conn, 22, of Smyrna, Tenn., which is around 24 miles southeast of Nashville, was kept Monday morning at his home after an hours-in length deadlock with police that was finished by SWAT officials who entered the home to play out the capture, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in an assertion.

  • He has been accused of first-degree murder and one include of disturbed torching in association with the passing of 22-year-old Robertson County delegate Savanna Puckett.
  • The sheriff’s office said in an explanation that the four-year veteran of the sheriff’s office was articulated dead Sunday night in her home.
  • An appointee was shipped off her home after she neglected to appear for her 5 p.m. shift to observe her Springfield home inundated on fire, specialists said.

The agent endeavored to enter the home yet couldn’t because of the fire, which was at last smothered by the local group of fire-fighters.

Once ready to enter the home, Puckett was observed dead with a shot injury.

Words can’t communicate the pity and sorrow that Savanna’s family and her sheriff’s office family are confronting at present, Sheriff Michael Van Dyke said. This is a misfortune that we are handling step by step.

Specialists said without explaining that specialists researching the wrongdoing had gotten data that sharp them toward Conn, who was an associate of Puckett.

On Monday, Puckett’s body was accompanied from the clinical inspector’s office in Nashville to the Springfield Memorial Gardens.

Conn was set up for the Robertson County Jail where he was being held Monday night without bond.