The cost of an umbrella is one and a half lakh, yet it doesn’t stop the downpour

Umbrella means downpour first rings a bell. Umbrellas are typically used to shield from the downpour. Be that as it may, unfortunately, this umbrella worth 1,000,000 rupees incapable to stop the downpour! As of late, style name Gucci and active apparel organization Adidas made an umbrella worth one lakh rupees. Which is just for style and sun use!

Many individuals are furious over this costly umbrella as there is no advantage in utilizing this umbrella on blustery days. Regardless of expenditure more cash, the design organization has experienced harsh criticism as it doesn’t have the office to utilize umbrellas during both sun and downpour.

The high as can be cost of this umbrella is brought by the renowned design organization Gucci and the athletic apparel producer Adidas. At the point when this costly umbrella was together fabricated and delivered in the Chinese market, disappointment spread among the design adoring individuals as well as the commoners.
It will cost around one and a half lakh rupees in Bangladeshi money. Be that as it may, this costly umbrella won’t be of any utilization. In the event that the image of this umbrella becomes a web sensation on China’s own net media Weibo, the perspective on the umbrella is around 140 million.

Many individuals have offered negative remarks subsequent to seeing the umbrella. Somebody said it was a modest increase methodology. Once more, some say, the exposed showcase of private enterprise. Because of this large number of negative remarks, the concerned specialists at last eliminated the word umbrella from the item.