The real killer

The real killer

The declaration of the two who were said to have killed him, ended up being the genuine executioner Asaduzzaman

An emotional change has been found in the examination of a homicide case in Dhaka. Police captured six individuals after the body of a killed man was recuperated. Two of them admitted to the homicide and gave an assertion in court. Yet, the individual they admitted to killing, later it was found that the individual didn’t bite the dust, he is the genuine enemy of this homicide.

The leader overseer of basic freedoms association Regulation and Assertion Center is taking a gander at the obligation of the cops worried in this episode. Noor Khan He told Prothom Alo, “One of the denounced admitted to the court and said that he is associated with the homicide. Later it was observed that he was not engaged with the homicide. This implies that the blamed is compelled to admit. A few such episodes have occurred in our country. Noor Khan further said that praiseworthy move ought to be made against the individual answerable for net carelessness in the examination to forestall repeat of such occurrences.

The homicide happened five and a half quite a while back. On May 20, 2017, the Kadmatoli police headquarters of Old Dhaka got a report that a body was lying in a shack.

Afterward, the cops found the dead body in a shack before the Igloo Frozen yogurt production line in Kadamtali, Dhaka. However, the body was deteriorated to the point that it was basically impossible to distinguish it. Afterward, the police enrolled an instance of homicide denouncing obscure people. It didn’t make reference to who was killed.

Afterward, the police went to the field to track down the character of the killed individual. Alongside this, an activity was sent off to capture the killer. Later the police captured two individuals named Billal Hossain and Jalal nom de plume Shahjalal. They admitted in the court that Imran was killed that day. What’s more, Mujibar, Suman, Shubo, Gem and Kamrul were associated with the homicide.

In their confession booth articulation, they referenced that Mujibar got on Imran’s chest and affirmed his demise. The justification for the homicide was Mujibar’s question with Imran over the medication exchange. Every one of the (six) of those named as killers in the affidavits were additionally captured. The other four are Russell, Sumon Dewan, Mohin and Jamal Hossain assumed name Jamal.

In any case, when the police went to Bhola to track down the full location of the killed Imran, the prior subtleties were switched. The police then came to realize that the young fellow who was killed in Kadmatli was not Imran. Imran is alive. Mujibar, who lived with Imran in that shack, was killed that day.

Imran was then in prison in the wake of being captured in another homicide instance of Bhola. Later on Walk 10 last year, Imran was captured in Mujibar murder case. Afterward, Imran admitted to killing Mujibar and gave an assertion in Dhaka court. The tale of Mujibar’s homicide comes up.

Imran said in his testimony, Imran, who experienced childhood in an unfortunate family, came to Dhaka from Bhola a long time back. He began crafted by pulling sand and blocks on the banks of Buriganga.

Meet Jamal. Imran resided in Jamal’s home. Mujibar resided in a similar house. May 20, 2017. 11:30 p.m. Imran and Mujibar were snoozing Jamal’s room. It was pouring intensely outside. There was no power. Then Kala Suman, Mohin and others came to Jamal’s home. The rest held Mujibar’s hands and feet.

Somebody hit Mujibar on the head with a wooden stick in the house. Afterward, synthetics were sprinkled on different pieces of Mujibar’s body, including his face. It was absolutely impossible to perceive Mujibur’s face then. Later left the dead body there and took off like some other.

Following five years and seven months of examination for this situation, the police likewise said in the report given to the Dhaka court as of late, that Mujibar was killed. Mujibar’s DNA was found to match the DNA of his two kids. What’s more, Mujibar was killed by Imran alone. Jamal was the proprietor of the house where Mujibar was killed. Imran resided in that house on lease. Mujibar, Suman, Mohin used to visit Jamal’s home. Suman was associated with drug exchange. Mujibar’s better half lived external the country. He was unconcerned with the world. He used to ingest medications. Everybody used to hang out in Jamal’s home. Alongside Imran, Mujibar additionally lived there. He used to keep the pay of Imran in the medication business in Jamal’s home. Imran thought that Mujibur took the cash in his nonappearance. Because of this debate, Mujibar got into a battle with Imran. That evening, Mujibar was snoozing Imran’s garments. Afterward, at around 11 pm, Imran affirmed the passing of Mujibar by hitting him with a stone. Then, at that point, he moved from Dhaka to Bhola. Later he went to Chittagong and began living there.

DB Assessor Moinul Kabir, the exploring official of the case, told Prothom Alo that Mujibar dozed wearing Imran’s garments that day in Jamal’s room. Again lamp oil was poured on the body so it was basically impossible to distinguish it. Then Kadmatoli police headquarters and others thought that the body was that of Imran. Afterward, the people who were captured by the police in this homicide, all said that Imran was engaged with the homicide. In any case, a long examination and measurable assessment showed that it was Imran who killed Mujibar and got away. A charge sheet has been submitted to the court blaming Imran for this. In any case, Imran’s legal counselors guaranteed in the court that their client Mujibar was not engaged with the homicide. He has a place with the court