The discovery of Hubble Telescope the ‘nucleus of a large comet’

The Hubble Telescope measures the range of its snow-covered solid nucleus.

NASA astronomers say they have never seen such a large nucleus before.

The nucleus of the Bernadinelli-Bernstein comet is about 60 miles in diameter, according to NASA’s website.

↪ Bernadinelli-Bernstein’s nucleus is about 50 times larger than most known comets.

The nucleus of the largest comet ever seen was 60 miles wide; Discovered in 2002 by research firm Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (Linear).

Scientists have been shocked by the mass of 500 trillion tons stored in the nucleus of the newly observed comet.

◾This mass is one hundred thousand times greater than that of any ordinary comet.

The Bernadinelli-Bernstein comet is traveling at a speed of 22,000 miles per hour from the edge of the solar system.
NASA says there is nothing to worry about. Bernadinelli-Bernstein will be one billion miles away from the sun, even if it comes closest.

💨That distance is fairly close to Saturn.

💨And it will take 2031 to reach that distance.

David Giot, a professor of planetary science and astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles,

and author of the research paper The Astrophysical Journal Letter, said: Because it is so bright from afar.

💨Now I can see that it is really so. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. Even though it is still far from the sun, it is very active,

“said Man-To-Hui, lead author of the study and Macau University of Science and Technology in Taipei.

He said, “We thought this comet would be a little bigger in size; But to be sure, we needed better evidence. ”

And that’s why his research team took five pictures of the Hubble comet on January 7 this year.

The huge challenge was to measure the size of the comet’s nucleus by separating it from the surrounding dust clouds.


The rest of the comet was far from its center, so seeing Hubble didn’t solve that problem.

On the reverse telescope, bright rays of light could be seen towards the center of the comet.🔱