The Final Death Throes of Dying Stars

The sky is dark. The stars have been snuffed out one by one, their light stolen from them as they were swallowed up by the void of darkness. In a few short moments, there will be nothing left but the cold emptiness of space. You search for any sign of life – anything to hold onto in your last moments – but find only an empty world devoid of all warmth and hope. There is no comfort in the icy expanse of space. All beauty has been robbed from this desolate land, destroyed with a single blow from an unfeeling titan that cares not for your existence.

This Titan would be Deathwing, also known as Neltharion The Earth-Warder and Aspect Of The Black Dragonflight, who has just entered the game. When Deathwing enters the board, every non-Dragon character instantly crumbles to dust without any chance of survival while all friendly Dragons gain 2 additional Attack and Armor.

Deathwing’s entrance into Hearthstone is not only massively impactful to the board but also very flavorful, representing his destructive nature within World of Warcraft. This is not the first time that a minion has had this type of effect either, as both Molten Giant and Mountain Giant similarly wiped out all non-big minions on the board when they entered play. Deathwing’s entrance into the game can be very brutal, especially if it occurs early on, but despite his destructive nature he is still a big body that can swing games in your favor.

However, even though Deathwing is a 12/12 with Taunt for twelve mana – the same statline as other high cost cards like Molten Giant and Mountain Giant – he does have some hidden potential that many will not be expecting to see. For example, you can use Mind Control to steal your enemy’s Deathwing for one turn, replacing the destructive board clear with an even more powerful minion. You can also use cards like Shadow Madness or Priest of the Feast since they will be destroyed at the end of the turn anyway, essentially using them as temporary buffs on Deathwing until he returns back to your control.

Deathwing, Dragonlord is the first Legendary card in Hearthstone to also be a token, and he is also unique as he cannot be placed into your deck – you can only acquire and play him through his Battlecry. If you do happen to find yourself sitting on a Deathwing, all we can say is good luck. Even though the Battlecry of Deathwing is very powerful, it will also rely heavily on the cards you have picked in your deck to determine if he can even be played. It’s a big gamble to take Deathwing into play because if your opponent has a Silence or Transform effect then all of that hard work that went into summoning him died for nothing.

Of course, Deathwing is not the only Dragon in Hearthstone! He joins Rend Blackhand, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Onyxia, Malygos and more within the Dragonflight.