The French are relying on Makho

The run-off vote in the French presidential election is set to take place on Sunday. According to various opinion polls, the French are still relying on Makho in this second round of voting. Earlier, the official election campaign ended at midnight local time on Friday. The far-right Marine Long Penn has emerged as Makho’s rival in this year’s presidential election. News from the BBC

If Makho wins the second round of voting, he will be the only French president in 20 years to hold office for two consecutive terms. According to the poll, Makho will win with 53 percent to 56 percent of the vote.

Makho got 26.35 percent of the votes counted in the first round and Long Pen got 23.96 percent. Another candidate, Jay-Luke Minson, received 21.6 percent of the vote. In the first round of elections, 12 candidates contested as presidential candidates. Among them are four women and eight men. The first round of voting was held on April 10, local time.

As a rule, the top two candidates in the first round of elections take part in the second round of voting. This election will be final, who will win.

Meanwhile, during the second phase of the election campaign, the two presidential candidates made slashing remarks at each other. “The far-right is not happy with France,” he said. If they take power, there is a risk of spreading hatred and disunity in the society. And Long Penn said Makho is the president of the rich. People have not forgotten about the ‘Yellow West’ movement.
The main issue in this election was the increase in the cost of living. The price of fuel oil has risen in the country during Makho. At the same time, starting from food products, the price of cars has also increased. This is an issue that L লn Penn’s camp has been using as a shield from the beginning.
They have promised national unity. At the same time, he is talking about a referendum on immigration and a ban on wearing hijab in public if he comes to power. Long Penn’s campaign slogan was ‘either Makho, or France’. And Makho’s slogan is ‘this election is a kind of referendum, secularism’.

The biggest problem for both candidates is the huge number of voters who will leave blank ballots or will not vote at all. According to various surveys, this is the lowest turnout since 1989.