The Lucas 18 Foundation demands that pay for sports mishaps be equivalent to car crashes

The Lucas 18 Foundation has introduced a change to what’s in store Sports Law in which it requests that the pay from the Compulsory Sports Insurance (SOD) be essentially equivalent to that accommodated the harms caused in a car crash.

Remuneration for physical or useful misfortunes brought about by a games mishap is, with a base, 12,000 euros in the most serious cases, for example, tetraplegia, however the Lucas 18 Foundation guarantees that they have not been refreshed in June 1996. “With the CPI, the base would be roughly 60% more: just about 20,000 euros,” they called attention to.

For said establishment, the “most serious” thing is the difference with what occurred with the guideline of pay for survivors of auto collisions, in the details of the Law on common obligation and protection in the dissemination of engine vehicles, and in the Law of 2015 to change the framework for the appraisal of harms caused in car crashes.

“There is a scale with ideas and figures that rely upon the conditions of the harmed individual and specifically their age. On account of quadriplegia in a youngster, the figure can surpass 1 million euros. Multiple times more, in round numbers, than the 20,000 euros (assuming the figure is refreshed) from the SOD. The differentiation is shocking against competitors, if the order of Article 43 of the Constitution to advance their movement is considered, “they add.

Likewise, for the Lucas 18 Foundation, it ought to be considered that law considers the size of traffic regulation as a sort of ‘ius cooperative’ with regards to pay for mishaps, regardless of whether they have not happened in car crashes.

“It could well be imagined that it could likewise be applied to brandish, were it not for the serious restriction contained in the guidelines that were referenced in any case, which consequently not in the least doesn’t safeguard competitors, yet additionally seriously hurts them. There was no such thing as practically better that,” he says.

On account of engine sports, for example, cars and cruisers, the difference is “especially sharp” since, underlines the establishment, they are auto collisions.