The Rock’s girl makes her wrestling debut

Simone Johnson, girl of ‘The Rock’ popular grappler Dwayne Johnson, made her expert wrestling debut in WWE. He went in front of an audience seven days prior. Where Simone presented herself as Ava Rain. News Spanish press marker.

The Rock has three youngsters. Simone is the greatest among them. He is 20 years of age. He was brought into the world on August 14, 2001 in Florida. This is his presentation in wrestling.

He said, ‘I’m pleased with my little girl Simone. He made his presentation in WWE’s Federation NXT. Performed well at the outset. He got into the ring, exceptionally energized. I like his name in wrestling as well.’

Rock added, ‘His name is perfect, it’s a blend of everything. You can call it business reason, you can likewise call it colleague. It can likewise be considered as a buddy. Furthermore, Simone addresses the fourth time of wrestling. This is whenever something first like this has occurred in the realm of wrestling. Ideally he will be a name to be dreaded for the rival.’