The spectators of the Qatar World Cup will be at risk of watching without the ‘Haya card’

Visitors to the World Cup in Qatar must have a Haya card. No spectator can enjoy the match sitting in the stadium without a special card even if there is a ticket.

Visitors will be able to apply for this card by downloading apps on mobile.

Meanwhile, the Saudi organizing committee said that there will be special facilities for Saudi spectators on the occasion of the World Cup.

  • The host country Qatar has built many new hotels and motels keeping in mind the needs of the spectators in the World Cup.
  • Starting from new stadiums, the country has spent huge sums of money on the construction of these infrastructural facilities.
  • The country has already come up with an alternative method of reducing costs so that it does not have any impact on the country’s economy.

“There is no need for separate hotel rooms for friends or relatives,” said Khalid Al Nama, director of digital media.

Because, after the World Cup, it will have a big impact on our economy and employment.


So we thought that the people of Qatar would be the ones to entertain their relatives and friends. ”

The organizers have arranged various categories of facilities for the spectators of Qatar World Cup through digital system,

which can be easily accessed by the spectators by downloading apps on mobile. Those who want to buy or sell tickets for the match must have a special card.

Its name is ‘Haya Card’. No spectator can enter the stadium to watch the match without this card.

By showing the Haya card, the spectators will be able to use any transport for free on the day of the match.

Khalid Al Nama said, “Visitors can easily log in to the platform and choose the facility of their choice. There are various services available at prices ranging from US 60.

Those who buy World Cup tickets must apply for a Haya card. Only then the spectators will be able to watch the World Cup match.

Meanwhile, special facilities will be provided for Saudi visitors, said the director of the digital media committee.

Qatar is making every effort to organize the World Cup in a smooth manner.🔱