The US Supreme Court has asked Trump to change his immigration policy

The country’s Supreme Court has given the green light to move away from the tough immigration policy adopted by former US President Donald Trump.


The Supreme Court said on Thursday, local time, that the administration of incumbent President Joe Biden could deviate from Trump’s hardline Mexico policy if it wanted to.

Under Trump’s policy, people who are not Mexican citizens who have entered the United States illegally across the country’s southern border but have not been legalized are tracked down and sent back to Mexico. They were not allowed to stay in the United States until the legal battle over immigration was over.


And if the verdict goes against the immigrants, the way for them to enter the United States will be blocked forever. In this way, many immigrant families are separated from their loved ones. According to lawyers, this puts immigrants at great risk.

Trump’s tough policy on immigrants has been widely criticized at home and abroad. Biden has previously said he would change his policy if he came to power. He has been trying to change immigration policy since becoming president. In this regard, Biden is in favor of adopting a somewhat flexible and humane policy.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in a 5-4 vote on Thursday that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of changing the Biden administration’s immigration law.

He said members of the law enforcement agencies would be able to repatriate immigrants from the United States to Mexico in accordance with central laws and policies. But you can’t force them.

In 2019, Trump adopted the anti-Mexican immigration policy Migration Protection Protocol (MPP). When Biden came to power and tried to change it, several Republican-controlled states, including Texas, blocked it.

The matter was also taken to court. In August 2021, a lower court in the United States ruled against the Biden administration. Later it went to the Supreme Court.

According to the American Immigration Council, about 60,000 people have been deported from the United States to Mexico since the policy went into effect in January 2019.

Even under Biden, more than 200,000 people have tried to enter the United States illegally through the Mexican border each month. They have been detained at the border under MPP and Corona policies.

Even then, the desperate attempt of immigrants to enter the United States did not stop. Also last week, the bodies of 53 immigrants who crossed the border into Mexico were recovered. The bodies were found in an abandoned truck on the side of the road in San Antonio, Texas. It is believed that they may have died due to lack of food and water in the scorching heat.

In this situation, the American Civil Liberties Council has praised the Supreme Court for giving the green signal to change the immigration policy of the Trump era. The council said the Supreme Court had done the right thing by not listening to fabricated arguments to overturn this cruel policy.