There is no electricity, there is no candle

Power supply to various areas in Sylhet has been cut off since last Thursday. Those areas now rely on candlelight. But there has also been a candle crisis in various areas.

In addition, some businesses have been closed due to flood waters.

This has exacerbated the crisis.

Meanwhile, power supply was active in some areas of Sylhet till 11:30 am on Friday but the power supply was cut off later.

Since then, people in different areas have suffered more. Many people have collected candles and matches in different areas.

Rabeya Khatun, a resident of Ghasitula area of ​​Rikabibazar area of ​​Sylhet city, came to buy candles last night. She and her husband searched for candles at several grocery stores but did not find them and eventually came to Rikabi Bazaar.

Rikabibazar area Al Mecca store named Mudidokan businessman. Jasim Ahmed said that now the demand for candles and matches has increased. Many people are buying candles in two to three packets. However, he said that the price has not increased.

Sabbir Alam, a resident of Shahjalal suburb, was met at Dargah Gate area of ​​the city.

There he was buying two packets of candles (six candles each). Sabbir Alam said, ‘Almost all the businesses in Shahjalal suburb are closed.
I did not find any candles even after visiting different areas including Sobhanighat. Finally I came near the shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (Rah.) And got the candle. ‘

He said, ‘I bought a packet of candles from the day the water started entering the suburbs.

It has been going on for two days.

However, I did not find the candle on Thursday night. After spending the night somehow, I collected two candles from the nearby house yesterday. Later on Saturday I went out to look for candles. ‘

He further said, ‘I have sent everyone in the house to the house of relatives for safe shelter. I stay at home to guard the goods. We have to keep the candles burning at night because there is no electricity. ‘