troll case against Malaika and Urfi

troll case against Malaika and Urfi

There is no troll case against Malaika and Urfi

Bollywood star Malaika Arora and small screen actress Urfi Javed are quite popular on social media.

Malaika is always in the headlines for her quirky outfits.

And Urfi drags himself into the news by wearing strange clothes, sometimes or almost never.

Being fashionable, they are popular especially for wearing fancy clothes.

Along with the popularity, these two beauties also became victims of trolls.

But this time it is not the trolls, an FIR has been filed in their name in Mumbai.

The FIR was filed by a voluntary organization.

According to Indian media sources, the voluntary organization alleged that Malaika and Urfi are polluting the society.

They are leading the new generation on the wrong path, so these two beauties should be taught!

troll case against Malaika and Urfi

It should be noted that recently Malaika came into the news because of her cleavage.

During a photo shoot at a fashion show, a man suddenly touched Malaika’s sensitive parts.

That video is now viral on social media.

On the other hand, Urfi uploaded some new pictures on social media.

  • Where she is seen, only hair covers her breasts.
  • Wear only blue jeans. Noth in the nose.
  • After posting this, Urfi gave only emojis in the caption.
  • In the meantime, this picture of Urfi is viral.

The workers of this voluntary organization do not see such feats of these two beauties.

So filed an FIR against them.