This time in Dubai you will get the feeling of traveling to the moon

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the tourist attractions in the world today. Glitzy and high-rise buildings, all the luxury of vacationing facilities draw tourists to the city. This time it is planned to build a resort on the model of moon in Dubai. It is being built to attract tourists. There you will get the feeling of traveling on the lunar surface.

A Canadian architectural firm named Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) has taken the initiative to build the resort. Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, co-founders of the company, said that the height of the proposed resort building will be 735 feet or 224 meters. The luxury resort will be built at a cost of 5 billion dollars. Construction is expected to be completed within the next 48 months.

The special feature of Moon World Resort is that visitors will feel like traveling on the surface of the moon. There, 2.5 million travelers a year can enjoy a trip to the lunar surface. The Moon World Resort in Dubai will have ‘Sky Villas’, which will give the feeling of living in the lunar habitat.

According to the entrepreneurial firm, the resort will have all modern and elite facilities for visitors including spa, night club, conference room, lounge, private accommodation. The building can be used by space agencies and astronauts for training purposes. The building will be designed and constructed using the latest techniques and technologies in architecture and engineering.

Entrepreneurs hope that Moon World Resort will add a new dimension to the economy of the UAE. Apart from Dubai, MWR has plans to build three more moon-style luxury resorts in Europe, North America and Asia