This time, Messi-Neymar are under severe guidelines

Christophe Gaultier is forcing rules on the players individually subsequent to taking over as the new mentor. A couple of days prior, after a few principles were given for the players, one more rule was forced on Messi-Neymar.

PSG has changed the place of mentor and brandishing chief primarily to change the environment of the club. The club has full trust in sports chief Campos. Campos has made a couple of things clear since his most memorable gathering with the PSG players. He informed that a few guidelines will be set, and everybody should follow them. Also, in the event that the players don’t follow that strategy, they will be removed from the group.

In the mean time, to work on the connection between PSG players, Campos has made it a standard to have breakfast and lunch together. No calls can be made around then. In any case, telephones won’t be prohibited in the instructional course.

Presently it is heard in another information, the games chief and mentor of the club has added one more rule to that multitude of rules. As per the French media, Campos likewise prohibited Messi-Neymar from going out around evening time during the camp. PSG players have gained notoriety for celebrating excessively, right-back Thomas Meunier, who left the club in 2020, said. That will be shut by Campos.
Accordingly, Messi-Neymar can’t go out and party around evening time. What will occur on the off chance that he doesn’t comply with the law, Coach Galtier has told. He said, assuming anybody ventures outside the line, he will be ousted from the group. Since no player is over the group.

Up until this point this large number of changes have come to PSG. Nonetheless, even in 2019, after the appearance of the previous games chief Leonardo, the work to change the club started. However, it didn’t keep going long.